Building Made Easy ~ The Dream Home Difference

Process to Your Dream Home


  • 1LOAN PRE-APPROVAL. Pre approval allows you to plan for a home that you can afford based on your debt, income, and credit. You can fill out a pre-approval aplication online here - and we’ll get the proces started for you!
  • 2HOME DESIGN & PLANNING. Once you’ve been pre-approved and know what your budget is - we’ll work closely with you to select your ideal location for construction, and then begin the designing your dream home.
  • 3FINALIZE CONSTRUCTION COSTS. The next phase is to review your lot and construction costs, and finalize the costs involved in building your dream home.
  • 4CONSTRUCTION LOAN CLOSING: Once the construction contract is drafted, and the scope of your home has been finalized, we’ll submit documents to the title company and bank to secure the construction loan and begin the constructon process.
  • 5THE CONSTRUCION PROCESS: Depending on the size and location of your new dream home, the construction process can take upwards of 3 months. We’ll work closely with you the entire time to make sure your specifications are met, and your home is exactly what you had envisioned it to me.
  • 6CLOSING: A few weeks prior to finishing the construction of your home, we’ll start preparing the documentation needed to close on your mortgage - and then submit the information to your preferred lender.
  • 7MOVE-IN: We hand over the keys, and you begin your life in your new Dream Home!